Nb2Gopher converts a web log (blog) generated by the blog engine named NanoBlogger into a gopher log (phlog). Some rare persons are running an Internet Gopher server today. Because Web is nicer than Gopher. But, due to the increasing usage of smart phones, the need of a simple and reliable protocol appears. Gopher protocol is perfect for this purpose. Therefore, to have a gopher log is the after step of having a micro blog.
Nb2Gopher successfully runs with GoFish, Pygopherd and Bucktooth Gopher servers. Some web browsers for desktop PCs comply to Gopher protocol. The most famous are Firefox (better with the module OverbiteFF) and Lynx (text browser). For Android smart phones, there is Overbite.
Nb2Gopher is designed for the GNU/Linux operating system.

Monday 24 January 2011 17: 41

Nb2Gopher-1.0.1 released

Nb2Gopher version 1.0.1 is released today. It corrects a bug inside --help command giving wrong informations:

  • at option "--footerfile": read "--footerentry"
  • at option "--headerfile": read "--headerentry"

This new release brings more information, like compiling instructions, how to install it and a man page. There are binaries for x86 32 and 64 bit platforms, too. I included these binaries because my source code is in Fortran 2008 programming language. I can understand that you aren't familiar with Fortran. Or you do not have yet a recent gfortran compiler.

Due to the need to install the weblog engine NanoBlogger to have nb2gopher running, if you encounter some difficulties with NanoBlogger, I can provide you some help. I am involved in the NanoBlogger project. If you encounter some problems with nb2gopher, tell me. If everything runs fine, tell me: I need success reports for my ego. And I need to know if my soft is still a beta version or not! So, success or disaster, please e-mail me at:



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Saturday 01 January 2011 18: 38

Bug inside "--help"

Warnning! There is 2 mistakes in the help information of the release 1.0.0:

  1. at option "--footerfile": read "--footerentry"
  2. at option "--headerfile": read "--headerentry"

This will be corrected in the next release.

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Thursday 30 December 2010 15: 11

New blog

This is a new blog for the young project nb2gopher. As you can imagine, the blog engine is NanoBlogger! For ignorant, NanoBlogger is a well known blog engine, written in Bourne Again Shell (bash) and available at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/nanoblogger/.

The first release of nb2gopher is here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/nb2gopher/.

It is a set a source files written in Fortran. But, be aware that it is not old Fortran 77 but its latest evolution following the 2008 standard. So, you need a very recent compiler. It compiles fine with gfortran that comes with gcc 4.5.1 . There is no documentation yet, excepted a man file. I will do it soon. The main file is nb2gopher.f08. To compile it, just type:

gfortran -Wall -o nb2gopher nb2gopher.f08

Then, you can move this file under the proper directory where stand binaries. But, it is safer to run it first in a separate directory, simply invoking :


Have fun!

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