Thursday 30 December 2010 15: 11

New blog

This is a new blog for the young project nb2gopher. As you can imagine, the blog engine is NanoBlogger! For ignorant, NanoBlogger is a well known blog engine, written in Bourne Again Shell (bash) and available at:

The first release of nb2gopher is here:

It is a set a source files written in Fortran. But, be aware that it is not old Fortran 77 but its latest evolution following the 2008 standard. So, you need a very recent compiler. It compiles fine with gfortran that comes with gcc 4.5.1 . There is no documentation yet, excepted a man file. I will do it soon. The main file is nb2gopher.f08. To compile it, just type:

gfortran -Wall -o nb2gopher nb2gopher.f08

Then, you can move this file under the proper directory where stand binaries. But, it is safer to run it first in a separate directory, simply invoking :


Have fun!

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